Peter Piller

Peter Piller was born in Fritzlar, former West Germany in 1968, and currently lives between Hamburg and Leipzig, where he has been a professor at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst since 2006. Piller began to work for the media agency Carat in 1997, and for years held the post dealing with evaluating and archiving regional newspapers and editing their advertisements. It was monotonous work, but there is no doubt that it helped him develop a keen and patient ability to appreciate details that are normally overlooked. In 1998 he defined his artistic method and began to collect, systemise and inventory images, a process that he defines as “an exercise in productive misunderstanding”. [5]

Piller was recently awarded the 2006 Bâlose Art Prize presented at the Art Statement of ArtBasel for his project “Unresolved Cases”, and in 2004 he received the Ars Viva Award given by the Federation of German Industries. In 2007 he held his largest exhibition to date, ‘Aesthetics and Boredom’ in Kunsthaus Glarus, which included part of his archived works and the series “Office Drawings” (2000-2005), done on paper from the Carat Agency, along with the series “Wanderings through the Periphery of Hamburg” (1994-1995). The ‘Peter Piller Archive’ was extensively shown at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in the Netherlands (2005-2006), and in smaller exhibitions at the ProjecteSD in Barcelona (2006) and at Andrew Kreps in New York (2007). His work also includes photographs taken from the Internet, as well as a series of postcards of World War I munitions that never exploded.

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Peter Piller  


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