Julian Opie

Julian Opie studied at Goldsmiths College of Art in London from 1979 to 1982, and became known through a collective exhibition at the Lisson Gallery (1982), which he shared with two renowned artists, Anish Kapoor and Keith Haring. That contact led to his first individual exhibition at the gallery one year later.

He began with sculpture, but from the nineties he turned to work in volume and painting. He has been strongly influenced by the cold aesthetic of computer images or advertising logotypes with a neo-pop ingredient which he draws directly from his immediate surroundings, whether people or places. In his sculpture he chooses simple subjects like buildings, roads or cars, establishing a subtle balance between the physical and the virtual. In painting he works with classic genres like the portrait, the landscape or the still life, always using schematic lines and even, bright colours that give his pieces an absolute lack of style that ends up becoming his sign of identity.

For the characteristics of his work and its commercial and mass consumption possibilities, Opie has made a few incursions into the world of design, such as the cover for a collection of the pop group Blur.

Por las características de su trabajo, así como por sus posibilidades comerciales y de consumo de masas, Julien Opie ha hecho algunas incursiones en el campo del diseño, como por ejemplo la portada de un recopilatorio de la banda británica Blur.

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 Julian Opie

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