José Antonio Hernández-Díez



José Antonio Hernández-Díez uses a host of formats (video, installation, sculpture, photography) always from common interests: a strong commitment to specific realities – whether economic, social or political – and a powerful emotional charge that seeks the complicity of the receiver through direct impact. He began his career in the late eighties with videographic works and installations in which he began to define the critical, almost ideological, stance that would mark his work in those early years.

In the nineties the social character of his work was complemented by an interest in the field of industrial design, an aspect that led him to large format sculpture, with pieces inspired by everyday objects that include an abrasive discourse about specific issues such as gender inequalities or the abuse of power.

In the early 2000s he began to work with photography, forming strong ties with the world of advertising and fashion. A good example of that change is reflected in the series of images in which he uses sports brand letters to compose the names of famous philosophers and thinkers.

On the other hand, a constant in his career has been the use of mechanical structures, an aspect which has stayed with him since his earliest pieces and which help him work around expectation, desire and frustration.

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