Ignacio Uriarte

(Krefeld, 1972)

Ignacio Uriarte (Krefeld, Germany, 1972) changed his career direction to art after studying and working in the field of business administration. This aspect of his biography is very significant when it comes to understanding his thematic and methodological interest in serialization, the repetition of patterns, processes of systematization and structuring as well as the use of Bic ballpoint pens, A4 sheets of paper, notepads, files and Excel spreadsheets as working materials.

Although he had previously done a course of audio-visual studies in Guadalajara (Mexico), it was not until 2004 and a spell as an artist in residence at the Hangar centre for visual arts production and research in Barcelona that ​​his work achieved real visibility on the art circuit and he took part in his first collective shows. In a short period Uriarte has conceptualized his work in terms of the aesthetic ramblings at slack times and breaks in office work, the monotony and boredom resulting in artistic expression.

Uriarte has exhibited prolifically in galleries, art centres and institutions both in and outside the Spanish context. Works, a solo exhibition curated by Javier Hontoria and presented in the Rekalde exhibition space (2011) and the Centre d’Art la Panera (2012), is the first compendium show of his artistic output. The wide selection of works, including drawings, photographs, installations and videos, clearly reveals the formal and conceptual parameters that obsess him and have positioned him among the strongest conceptually oriented artists of his generation in Spain. He is due to have his first solo exhibition in the United States at The Drawing Centre in New York in January 2013.

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Ignacio Uriarte


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