Helena Almeida

 A key figure in contemporary Portuguese art and interested since the sixties in showing the fusion of artistic disciplines and languages such as photography, painting, drawing or performance, Helena Almeida concentrates on creating a work conceived as a reflection on space, anonymity, the body and the artist.

Born in Lisbon in 1934 and with a degree in painting from the School of Fine Arts in the city, Almeida burst onto the international art scene after her first individual exhibition in 1967. She showed a work based on self-representation, the hybridisation of means of expression and the bases for the development of an autobiographical narrative discourse with an effective poetic impact.

Starting from the basis that “the work is my body, my body is my work”, it is the artist herself who, far removed from any kind of dramatic experience, generates the spaces and images of a production designed to inhabit the canvas as an act of appropriation of it and of creation of the pictorial image. An image which, related to her ties with the outside world, will always be constructed, nothing to do with chance and focusing till the end of the nineties on the broadening of dimensions and the alteration of the human scale.

Frederic Montornès



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