Francesc Ruiz

Our urban experience is made up of landscapes without transition from one zone to the next. We move from a commercial centre to a residential neighbourhood as if we were moving from one stage of a video game to the next. The networks between places, people and the activities that accumulate or overlap, and the activities that we are able to take part in, seem to obey a logic of concentration. By constructing a kind of monoculture from the social imaginary, Francesc Ruiz appropriately explores those networks we move through, those circuits by which we travel and the human links that limit our emotional participation in each space. Therefore, his work is the work of points of view, maps and networks of communication and exploration. From there, his drawings, taken to the realm of comics, are virtual sets, almost like hieroglyphics. The image of the city and its subcultures is converted into a tangled knot of interconnections; for the artist it is a vital space for exploring different ways of living. Genre themes, love stories, fears and phobias, philias and euphorias, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships all mix here, often without an apparent narrative connection, forming artificially self-sufficient paradises that conceal a critical look at the social, economic and cultural contexts in which we live.

Bea Espejo


Francesc RuizFrancesc Ruiz Francesc Ruiz Francesc Ruiz 
Francesc Ruiz

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