Bleda y Rosa


Since the early 1990s, the work of artistic duo María Bleda (Castellón, 1969) and José María Rosa (Albacete, 1970) has been based on photography. A feature of their work is that it has always endeavoured to go beyond the photographed image. Consequently, in their most outstanding series, like “Campos de fútbol” (“Football Fields”), “Campos de batalla” (“Battle Fields”), “Ciudades” (“Cities”), “Origen” (“Origin”) and “Arquitecturas” (“Architecture”), they have tried to trigger ellipses of time. For example, in “Battle Fields”, the apparent lack of meaning of the subject matter contrasts with the historic connotations associated with these spaces, where historically significant fights have taken place. Therefore, besides putting elements inherent to photography at stake, like the view or the hypothetical objectivity of the medium, there is an overlap between the natural and the cultural, between the signifier and the signified, between the seen and the known, between the image and the recollection.

In addition to taking part in many international art exhibitions and events like Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt, they were awarded the Spanish National Photography Prize in 2008.


David G. Torres



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