Bestué – Vives

David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980) and Marc Vives (Barcelona, 1978) both studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. They have been working together since 2002, when they met through their involvement with the “Olla de Grills” (Hullabaloo) project, although each still engages in some individual endeavours. Their projects hitherto include “Acciones en Mataró” (Actions in Mataró, 2003), “Acciones en casa” (Actions at Home, 2005), “Acciones en el cuerpo” (Actions on the Body, 2006) and “Acciones en el universo (Actions in the Universe, 2008), the last of which closes the cycle with which they have aimed to review, block by block, the great issues addressed by 20th-century art. All of these “Actions” give a heightened dimension to the particular proposal, which invariably consists of different chapters in order to highlight the project as a whole as well as the narrative strategies that are set in motion. The piece tends to start off from an ingenuous position that can act as the germ for deeper inquiry. It begins with an anecdote – which would almost slip by unnoticed were it not for the fact that it requires the spectator’s attention and sense of fellowship – and evolves towards a complex succession of situations that call into question many of the accepted truths of art vis-à-vis its relationship with life.

Ferran Barenblit




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