Iceberg. The invisible reality

Cal Cego at the Francisco Godia Fundation



Iceberg. The invisible reality, Francisco Godia Foundation, Barcelona

Ignasi Aballí, Christine Borland, Javier Codesal, Tacita Dean, Stan Douglas, Lucio Fontana, Dora García, Douglas Gordon, Rodney Graham, Juan van der Hamen, Pierre Huyghe, Andreas M. Kaufmann, Santiago Sierra, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jeff Wall

An iceberg is a large piece of floating ice that has broken off from a glacier. Only an eighth of its total volume is visible, the rest being under water. The image of the Iceberg can be used to refer to the perception of a reality of which we only see a small part and is often reluctant to reveal all of its complexity.

The works that make up Iceberg. The invisible reality invite us to question our present, construct stories and reveal mechanisms.  Demonstrate how the image (the image of what we think of as ‘reality’) is created, produced, distributed, read and perceived. They make it clear that things are not what they seem and that we begin to comprehend the truth when we understand that we cannot accept the world on the strength of its appearance, on the strength of that small part of the iceberg that shows on the surface.

Curator: Montse Badia
Francisco Godia Foundation, Barcelona
From November 29th 2013 to May 18th, 2014