Oil and Artists
A project of artistic productions by Cal Cego 



Oil and Artists
A project of artistic productions by Cal Cego 

The artistic productions related to oil constitute a unique programme of Cal Cego, which links the artistic and vital experiences of the collection and has an impact on the local artistic context, inviting artists to develop new productions based on the premise of oil. This starting point allows them to broaden their field of research without leaving aside their usual ways of working.

Since 2011, we have worked with artists who are close to us, such as Ignasi Aballí, Ro Caminal, Lúa Coderch, Patricia Dauder, Rafel G, Bianchi, Miralda, Joan Morey, Joan Serinyana and Pep Vidal. Each of them has developed a specific project, presented during a tasting dinner of the novel oil at the Ca la María hotel. From each of the projects, an element or documentation becomes part of the Cal Cego collection.

In 2018, we also incorporated two multiples of Joseph Beuys, related to the Difesa della Natura project, a key work in the artist’s thinking in relation to the notions of free creativity and the expanded concept of art, linked to the belief in the universal power of human creation and the conviction that art can bring about revolutionary changes.

Artistic productions related to oil are a line of Cal Cego’s activities that affect the values that form part of the project’s DNA: organic evolution, flexibility, collaboration with different agents in the art world, work based on what is material and what is immaterial, the generation of a work space by artists, the creation of real experiences, the promotion of knowledge and exchange, and finally, to paraphrase the great referent that is Joseph Beuys, evidence that art is a lived and shared experience that can change the world.

Chronology and summary of the artists invited to make a production:

Background: Miralda makes an oil distillate. Event in the surroundings of the olive tree of the Miró Foundation in the context of the You’re not alone project of the Nefkens Foundation.
1st edition 2011: Miralda Studio
2nd edition 2012: Food Culture
3rd edition 2013: Miralda
4th edition 2013: Ignasi Aballí Cerimònia de l’oli novell (New oil’s ceremony)
5th edition 2013: Patricia DauderSense títol (Untitled)
6th edition 2014: Joan Morey, Non Serviam [Getsemaní]
7th edition 2015: Lúa Coderch, Treball de camp (Field Work)
8th edition 2016: Pep Vidal, Oli d’una olivera (Oil from and Olive Tree)
9th edition 2017: Rafel G. Bianchi, Repensar l’olivera (Rethinking the Olive tree)
10th edition 2018: Miralda – Joan Serinyana, Olidor
11th edition 2019: Ro CaminalEls ocells cantaven malgrat feia fred (The birds sang though it was cold)