Andreas Gursky in
“Economics in Art”, Mocak, Krakow




Andreas Gursky at the MOCAK

“Mercedes Bremen” by Andreas Gursky, from Cal Cego, in the exhibiton “Economics in Art”, curated by Monika Koziol, Delfina Piekarska and Maria Anna Potocka

From May 17th to September 29th, 2013

Douglas Gordon in Cluster # C,
Espacio Trapézio




Douglas Gordon in Espacio Trapézio

“Play Dead, Real Time (other way)” by Douglas Gordon, from Cal Cego,

exhibited in Cluster # C

From May 22nd to June 9th, 2013

Reality is a very persistent illusion

Cal Cego



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Jeff Wall in
“Voyeurism, Fetishism and Narcissism”, MACBA



Jeff Wall at the MACBA

A Fight on the Sidewalk by Jeff Wall, from Cal Cego collection and in diposit at MACBA, is shown in the exhibition “Voyeurism, Fetishism and Narcissism. Critical episodes (1957-2011). MACBA collection”, curated by Bartomeu Marí

From November 8th, 2012 to February 17th, 2013