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Jean-Marc Bustamante

Something is Missing, 1997

Photograph | C-Print
67 x 85 cm (x3)
Jean-Marc Bustamante began the Something is Missing series in 1995 while he was working on the Arbres de Noël group: sculptures with a surface that clearly reveals a glimpse of trees as skeletal silhouettes, not thick but still wide enough to hide behind, where the spectator becomes a shadow theatre play. Equally disturbing are the images of this series which were made during journeys around the United States, Argentina and Spain, and where a secret leitmotiv of a pictorial space resonates in the landscape between two universes in the same way.

If our gaze travels over the branches of the surface, we discover a network of lines that are the subject of some photographs, such as when the thinnest ones occupy a facade as if they were a great fabric of shadows hiding a latent movement of nervous energy. In these photographs the camera is not pointing at anything in particular, nor does it have any preference for any one subject or frame. Everything that can be seen is highly unstable where the empty plane and suspension create a certain drama out of something undetermined. It is an example of simplicity in the service of the seduction that the artist’s works exercise over the spectator.

Bea Espejo


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