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Jean-Marc Bustamante

LP2, 2000

Photograph | C-Print
227 x 180 cm
L.P. is the name of a series of twelve photographs Bustamante finished in 2000. The initials in the title have a triple meaning: Long Play, Lake Photographs and Lost Paradise; and all are images of different Swiss lakes. As with the other images in the series, in LP2 we are told nothing about the specific location. What this photograph shows is a space by a lake; inhabited spaces as we can see from the boat moored by the shore. And although they give us no information about the place itself, they truly are a part of it.

The object of the image and the form in which it is taken constitute a sort of slow motion which, far from aiming to freeze a particular moment which must be preserved, rather shows an instant of slowness and low intensity. The initials of the title which give a name to the triple meaning provide this information: they refer to the duration of the moment, the subject in particular and a certain romantic twist: to something idyllic, which opens up an experience corresponding to the spectator. Wrapt in contemplation, the spectator also begins to feel the uncertainty conveyed by the image which, despite its motionlessness, seems to slip inevitably towards nothingness. This is an image in which melancholy confronts a certain questioning about the place, with a certain distance from things and events.

Bea Espejo


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