Joan Morey

(Mallorca, 1972)

 Joan Morey has produced an extensive body of performances, videos, installations and sound and graphic works since the late nineties that explore the intersection between theatre, film, philosophy, sexuality and subjectivity. His work embodies and at the same time criticizes one of the most refractory and most transcendental aspects of human consciousness and behaviour: how we relate to others, be it as oppressed or as oppressors. The dark and ominous tone of his work must be seen as a reflection of a universal human history characterized by domination, exploitation and inequality.

His art practice combines three fundamental genres of contemporary art: performance (in the form of scenarios that develop over time, in which human bodies and the audience have usually been involved), appropriation (taking and reformulating existing texts, forms and styles from literary sources, whether classical or from contemporary subcultures) and institutional critique (with which it engages and examines the ideologies and the power of our social, cultural and political institutions).                                                                                 

Morey makes use in his work of the whole spectrum of rhetorics to be found in the mise en scène, the actors, the objects, the costumes, the scripts and the spoken word. Not himself a performer in his performances, he establishes the rigid instructions that define the formal parameters the performers must respect (or suffer), effectively determining how the audience perceives the works and the precision with which these must be documented.

Joan Morey was born in Mallorca in 1972 and lives in Barcelona. He holds a BA and a DEA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. In 2017 he presented the performance TOUR DE FORCE at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and the screen performance COS SOCIAL. Lliçó d’anatomia [SOCIAL BODY. Anatomy Lesson] in the context of the Premi de Videocreació awarded by the Xarxa de Centres d’Arts Visuals de Catalunya, Arts Santa Mònica and LOOP Barcelona. That same year he was awarded the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Artes Visuales by Barcelona City Council. In 2018-2019 he presented COLAPSO, an awarded project in two exhibition chapters (at the Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona Fabra i Coats, and at the Centre d’Art Tecla Sala in L’Hospitalet); and a performance in the Model prison in Barcelona, ​​this being the first occasion on which the protagonist was not bodies but the panoptic architecture itself.







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