Jesper Dalgaard


Danish artist Jesper Dalgaard was born in 1974, and is based in Copenhagen. After studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he began showing in Danish and international galleries. His solo shows include exhibits at Copenhagen’s Christina Wilson in 2005 and V1 Gallery in 2010. Dalgaard has shown internationally in Belfast and New York, and in 2005 exhibited in Barcelona’s Galeria Estrany – De la Mota.

Dalgaard is a sculpture, illustrator and filmmaker. His work involves creating simple narratives, with strong doses of fantasy and humour that allow him to explore human dreams and aspirations. Sometimes Dalgaard’s imaginary world is projected into the future, blending science fiction with studies of human behaviour. Dalgaard often puts long titles on his work that are like the opening lines of a story.

Though known primarily as a sculptor, Dalgaard has also made animated films. In both cases the style is naive and charged with irony. His sculpture often involves small figurative scenes, miniaturized models of rooms or human landscapes that allow him to build fictional scenarios. More recently he has made animated films where the figures are rudimentarily drawn stick men, generic representations of humans that are portrayed to enhance their virtues and weaknesses.

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Jesper DelgaardJesper Delgaard Jesper Delgaard Jesper Delgaard
Jesper DelgaardJesper DelgaardJesper DelgaardJesper Delgaard
Jesper DelgaardJesper Delgaard

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