Bruce Nauman

(Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1941)

The American artist Bruce Nauman has pursued and developed his artistic practice over the last fifty years, in a wide range of media, which include sculpture, photography, video, neon, drawing and performance. He first emerged in the second half of the Sixties, and though he is considered a sculptor, his work has never been confined by boundaries but opted instead for a variety of media to investigate the possibilities of what art can be. Present throughout his career, the use of language and space is a common strand connecting the diverse fields in which his interests lie, notably music, dance, literature, philosophy and mathematics. One of the concerns which Nauman has never ceased to explore is the question of how much information should be offered and in what form. His conceptual work emphasizes ideas over aesthetics; he often uses irony and wordplay to address issues of existence and alienation, and his work increasingly seeks to unsettle the viewer and provoke participation. Nauman continues to be one of the most enigmatic, innovative and committed artists of our time.

Carolina Grau






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