Antoni Miralda

In the imaginaries and ceremonials of the artist Antoni Miralda, small-scale domestic tasks and large constructions in the public space are creative processes of the same intensity. In much the same way, his physical displacements make him a nomad, while his alchemy of colours and flavours bestows on him a shamanic identity rooted in place – places; a hard-to-classify artist, an anomaly that gives him the highest privilege when it comes to eroticizing delicacies and delighting in gastronomic encounters.

He was born in Terrassa (Barcelona), a place of ​​textile factories and densely woven social fabrics. He travelled and settled as a young man in the Paris and New York of the Seventies, where he energized the processes of his highly individual aesthetic warp and weft and his relational scenarios. He has always guided his works and collaborations like an anthropologist, a way of working far removed from solipsism. For Miralda, art is a stove on which you can cook and a table to be shared. The furniture of this unusual artist’s studio is rich in Pop reminiscences and magical chiaroscuros: cannibalism, aphrodisiac delicacies, organic fruits, martial miniatures, colourful advertising icons, cookery books, pagan weddings, videos, grandmother’s recipes and virtual museums.

His productions, unclassifiable and as such indispensable, have been shown and taken place in leading museums in cities and international events around the world. A wealth of publications disseminate the works and analyze his creative spirit. Together with Montse Guillén, he runs the FoodCulturaMuseum life project, a museum at the mercy of the elements, without time or coordinates. A project for eternity.

In 2018 Antoni Miralda was awarded the prestigious Velázquez Prize for his incomparable way of working the concept of ritual and party in a playful and participatory manner, with an emphasis on the political and critical nature of his works. In other words: the artist knows that bread is more important than money, and friendship more than success.

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