Andreas Gursky


The son of a famous commercial photographer, Andreas Gursky (Leipzig, 1955) studied with Otto Steinert at the Folkwang School, which specialises in commercial photography and photojournalism. He was a student of Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and began to achieve international recognition in the early 80s. He is one of the most brillant artists of his generation, who has succeeded in capturing the structures and forms of organisation of late capitalist societies. Tendencies, progress, civilisation, systems of trade and exchange, of leisure and communication are the leading motifs of his work. The stock market, techno parties, factories and shops of both luxury brands (like Prada) and establishments of the everything for a pound variety become representatives of the contemporary world. His photographs are of public and semi-public spaces in big cities on several continents, from Hong Kong to Cairo by way of New York, Brasilia, Stockholm or Singapore. Rather than bearing witness to events or actions, he presents normal situations that define our ways of living and relating to one another in minute detail. The world he shows us is big, technological and global. By confronting us with reality, not as it is but as it is represented, he conveys to the spectator a feeling of strangeness that triggers a questioning of the world we live in and the structures that organise our lives.

Montse Badia


 Andreas Gursky

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