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Patricia DauderSense títol (Untitled), 2013
21 x 29,7 cm.

In Sense títol (Untitled), Patricia Dauder retrieved an image she had first worked on in 2001. That image was the remains of a sculpture she had made with plaster and pigment. When this mass was wrapped in paper, it left marks on the paper, which the artist then cut out and photographed, and it was this kept and recurring image that she recovered years later on the occasion of the oil ceremony. Starting from the organic and even vegetal aspect of the image, Patricia reworked it, this time with archival images, which she transferred to paper and intervened in.


“Working with an element which is edible but needs to be processed, and from which you extract a substance, makes me think of a number of very embryonic works, begun in 2001 or 2002, which were the first more or less compact attempts at cultural stuff I had done. I made a paste of pigments and plaster and the piece began to take on a life of its own. As the weeks and months passed, you could see that a chemical reaction had been taking place, and in one of these phases I covered these pieces with paper. The substance of the paper itself produced forms, even cutting the shapes like a wrapper. Some of these wrappers were like strange skins, like a mark or an impression of that tuber. I kept a couple of these wrappers, and I started to photograph one of them. The piece originally had a yellowish green hue and I converted it to black and white. From that photograph and the paper I made an edition that was actually a false edition because the pieces were not serial; each one was unique. Then I took the photographs and transferred them to another medium, another sheet of paper, but each transfer was different. (…) The sources I tend to focus on are things that have to do with the world of landscape, with nature, phenomenology and the passage of time”.


Patricia Dauder