ANNA DOT  (Vic, 1991)


Anna Dot’s work is based on the study of language, the collective processes of sense-building, and the relations that affect us, surround us and shape us. Her practice is not limited to a single medium or technique, nor to a single conceptual interest, but from a question, a spark that arises from her boundless curiosity, allows her to set in motion the mechanisms to explore her desire from a multidisciplinary artistic practice.

Established in Torelló, she lives among the mountains that begin the Pre-Pyrenees, between forests and paths. It is no coincidence that many of her works start from some element of nature or walking as a catalyst for a more complex project, such as “Let you run” for Bòlit, a legislative proposal that defends the legal personality of the Ter river; or the walks recovered from an old book of a hiker which gives its name to the Octavian route project, for hiker a bit experienced. Traversing paths for unknown eyes is a practice that we can also see recorded in the action “They come from afar”, where following some dolmens, which long ago marked the path, these roads are remade with the sounds that birds do while recreating them in the sky.

Performance, action and happening are some of the different media that Dot uses, sometimes based on instructions to follow in the absence of her figure, as in the work “In your place, in my perfect place” in Pradiauto, where each visitor was asked to carry out a task at the will of the gallery owners. Other times, she invites other agents to participate, as in the happening held at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, where a series of people brought to the present, through their voices, memories of others that they had learned by heart.

Everything is capable of being absorbed and translated by the eye of Anna Dot, even what cannot be captured with the gaze, as in the exhibition “Writings for a sighted skin” at Bombon projects, an installation dedicated to the tired gazes with the desire to invite the body to be guided by touch and other senses. Anna Dot’s production could be defined in this way through a situated work, where each investigation is formalized in a different way depending on the place and the nature of the proposal, with an unclassifiable capacity for adaptation and projection.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally at MAC (Mataró, 2022), Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona, 2021), Bòlit (Girona, 2021), Liste Art Fair (Basel, 2021), Fundació Antoni Tàpies
(Barcelona, 2021), Pradiauto (Madrid, 2021), Galerie Bernhard Bischoff (Bern, 2020), SCAN Projects (London 2019), La Capella (Barcelona 2019 and 2016), Charsoo Honar (Tehran 2019), Muzej
savremene umetnosti Vojvodine (Serbia), Galeria Heinrich Ehrhardt (Madrid, 2018 ), Bombon Projects (Barcelona 2020 and 2018), among others. She has recently received the Because Of Many
Suns award from the Collezione Taurisano, 2021 and the III Residency 9915 at the Cité des Arts in Paris.

Anna Dot



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