Lúa Coderch

 (Iquitos, Perú, 1982)

Lúa Coderch has a Master’s in Artistic Production and Research (2012) and a degree in Fine Art from the Universitat de Barcelona, with a specialization in sculpture at the Escola Massana.

The creator of a body of work woven around the inventing of stories and/or the fabulation deriving from image as seemingly bland and commonplace as they are evocative and suggestive to the imagination of those who come up against them, much of the interest in the work of Lúa Coderch lies in its ability to point out absences, to relate the inexplicable by means of a precise and hypnotic narration and to foster the creation of platforms capable of connecting with the viewer either through objects, anecdotes or voices, or through situations that allow a reactualizing of meanings that paves the way to other perfectly possible readings.

As the artist tells us in her own words, absolutely everything has the potential to affect us and, in so far as this is so, not only is nothing fixed and immovable but anything can be the first link in a chain of actions from which nothing and no one should be excluded. In fact, in order to avoid entering the state of oblivion, we need only reactivate with our contribution whatever drives us to want to find out more.

On the strength of what has been said so far we can fairly affirm that the work of Lúa Coderch, irrespective of the mode in which it is materialized — in other words, video, photography, sculpture, installation, sound, etc — is another step in the process of reactualization of that which affects her, that which makes an impression on her and that which enables her and us to understand art not as something that tends toward relaxation but as something that celebrates the imperious desire to burn. Or as that which, as Vila-Matas said with regard to Bolaño, allows darkness to become light some day.

Frederic Montornés





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