Hans-Peter Feldmann


Hans-Peter Feldmann (Dusseldorf, 1941) started his work as an artist at the end of the 1960s. Since then his work has been characterised by his interest in some of the less attractive aspects of daily life; a critical awareness before the structures that produce aesthetic experiences, and with an irony that lightens the message without hiding the moral questions involved.

What most interests him is the forms of art we create in our daily lives, especially the uses and meanings we attribute to photographs.

His work, full of humour, questions the symbolic space which opens up between what things really are and what they mean for us. They show the dreams and desires that we project onto the images and objects, filling them with meaning. Indignation is also shown in the narratives constructed with images from day-to-day life and with the objects which have not been refined by class or money.

Interested in the collective, in the ephemeral and in what has no value, his work is always presented unsigned and in unlimited edition. This is his way of positioning himself before a system of artistic production and consumption, and the notions of value, permanence and authorship associated with the artistic object. In essence, Feldman believes that the function of art is none other than to help us deal with life.

 Helena Tatay



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