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Oriol Fontdevila on Muntadas
















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Carolina Grau about Bruce Nauman
















Bleda y Rosa at the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia












Ignasi Aballí at Diogenes Lesson

at Centre d’Art la PaneraIA.0025














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Montse Frisach about Joan Fontcuberta


Joan Fontcuberta














The distance covered… by Antoni Abad

in the exhibition measure x measure at the Suñol Foundation 















Vanishing Points 

A publication by Cal Cego exploring 7 essential notions

in the discussion of contemporary art nowadays

Vanishing Points is edited by Montse Badia and includes texts by David Armengol, Pilar Bonet, Raimundas Malašauskas, Martí Manen, Frederic Montornés, Laurence Rassel and David G. Torres











Master in Contemporary Art: Context, Mediation and Administration

Until January 31, Antonio Ortega teaches: The Role of the Artist










Wolfgang Tillmans

Al margen del amor

Museo de Teruel















Ignasi Aballí. Case Study – IVAM 








The Incomplete Collection

Conference on Public Collecting









Viaje de Novios at CDAN









Joan Brossa / MACBA








Caerán las almas de las pieles

with works from Cal Cego









Master in Contemporary Art IL3-UB

(2017- 2018)

Former participants share their experiences








Lost in the city, with works from Cal Cego at the IVAM, travels to MACA in Alicante







 Liquid Time

Finissage and release of the catalogue