Teló seguit by Perejaume

Loop’10, Teatre Romea



Teló seguit by Perejaume, at the Teatro Romea of Barcelona in the context of Loop’10

This video, of a curtain that the camera films endlessly as it moves upwards, is shown in an ideal location, a theatre: Barcelona’s Teatre Romea. Cal Cego presents the work in cooperation with Fundació Romea and the Galería Joan Prats. This video by the artist Perejaume (Sant Pol de Mar, 1957) revolves around a series of themes such as representation inside and outside painting, or the place for and relations between landscape, painting and word. Perejaume has employed a wide range of media in his work, including painting, drawing, performance, film, video, sound and text. Teló seguit is a video loop in which the artist reflects on the elements that contribute towards a performance, both the theatrical elements and stage production.